Apple iOS 4.2 Release Date Rumored On November 9 Or 12? What About iOS 4.2 Jailbreak?


by casey on November 8, 2010

Update: Apple Delays iOS 4.2 For iPhone, iPad & iPod Release Date To Address iPad Wi-Fi Bug

We have seen Apple introducing iOS 4.2 Golden Master version. Now we are waiting anxiously for the official release of iOS 4.2 for the public as Golden Master version is only for the developers. According to a German website, iOS 4.2 is going to be released on Tuesday, November 9. The website contacted some Deutsche Telekom representatives who told them of the November 9th release date.

Another update is from another German blog, iFun, which reported that 12th November will be the iOS 4.2 release date. The German website discovered that Apple will be pushing out some carrier updates on November 12th. From this, they assumed that release will be on the same day. Check the screenshot of it:


The new release will be available to be used on iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Yes! the iPad as well. The users that are really crazy about the iOS 4.2 version’s arrival are the iPad users. Finally the iPad users can enjoy multitasking with the latest release.

All the features of iPhone 4 and iPod Touch will be available in the iPad as well. Other features include folders, an enhanced mail application, and Game Center. AirPrint (wireless printing) and AirPlay (video/audio/picture streaming service) are also the most awaited features that we are going to have with the release iOS 4.2

The authenticity of the news cannot be assured but we are expecting the release of iOS 4.2 roughly on the same dates mentioned above.


If you also crazy about the Jailbreak of latest iOS 4.2, Golden Master version is already there and the same methods will apply on the version that will be available for the public use.
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