New Version Of Cydia For iOS 4.2 Jailbreak With Better iPad Support


by casey on November 6, 2010

MuscleNerd, a famous iPhone hacker and developer has posted a tweet that the new version of Cydia is going to be released. He mentioned to other hackers Jay Freeman & chpwn that are working to bring the best Cydia software.

MuscleNerd tweeted:

“Both @Chpwn and @saurik Have been burniing the midnight oil for preparing updated version of Cydia”

The screenshot of the upcoming version of Cydia shows the text:

“Not all of the packages available via Cydia are designed to be used by all users. Please categorize yourself so that Cydia can apply helpful filters.
The choice can be changed from “settings” under the “Manage” tab (on the iPhone or iPod Touch) or the “Sources” tab (on the iPad)”

The updated version will bring a more native interface to the iPad with a landscape support. The current version only supports portrait mode.

Seems that the new version of Cydia will be out anytime. It is expected to bring some new features including new user interface and improvements in performance. It and will be available with the Jailbreak of iOS 4.2.

new version cydia

new version of cydia2

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