Google Android Gingerbread SDK 2.3 Or 3.0 Coming On November 11


by casey on November 6, 2010

The SDK for Android Ginerbread version 2.3 or 3.0 is coming on November 11. On the other hand there are news that Samsung is holding an event in New York on 8th of this month to launch Android Gingerbread-powered Nexus Two.

The source of this rumor is IntoMobile which said :

“A trusted source has tipped us to the potential launch date for Gingerbread, the 2.3 version of Android. According to our source, the SDK for this upcoming revision will debut on November 11th. The timing is ŕpropos as Samsung is slated to have a big event in New York City next week on the 8th and the confirmation of a Gingerbread-powered Nexus Two is a possible topic for this event”.

Previously we have seen Android OS Ginger Bread Man showing up in the Mountain View at Google HQ. According to an anonymous Google Engineer in forum: “Yes, Android 2.3 is a “major release”, and this patch will be available then.“ That statement hints that most probably Android Gingerbread will be the version 2.3 .

Nothing can be confirmed about the authenticity of the news as its currently a rumor. But we are expecting Android Gingerbread very soon

Google Android Ginerbread Man 2.3 3.0

Google Android Ginerbread Man 2.3 3.0

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