Internet Movie Database IMDB Releases New ‘Movie & TV App’ For iPad & iPhone


by casey on November 4, 2010

IMDB, Internet Movie Database, has released an iPad App earlier this year. The app on iPad allows its users to see information of over 1.5 million movies. It allows you to check information about actors, actresses, directors and celebrities. The app also allows to watch movie trailers and movie showtimes. Today, IMDB has released new app for both Apple’s iPhone and iPad that includes news features.

The old app only allows you to check localized movie showtimes. The new app let you check international movie showtimes for 13 countries including the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, New Zealand Argentina and Chile.

The IMDB’s app is already popular enough. New features will increase number of downloads and its usage.

IMDB Pro users can also log-in with their pro-accounts on their iPhone and iPad with the redesign of this app. Some other social features has been introduced in the app which includes log-in with your Facebook id or share it on Twitter and Facebook.

The Movies & TV app for Apple’s iPad and iPhone is being downloaded at a rate of nearly 1 million downloads per month. The app was also made available by the company for Android Market back in June.

IMDB - iPad Screenshot


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