Apple iPhone iOS 4.2 Fixes Lock-Screen Security Exploit


by casey on November 3, 2010

The iPhone lock-screen bug is properly addressed in the latest release iOS 4.2 Golden Master version. The exploit allows unauthorized access to different features of the device without any pass-code.

The bug allows unauthorized access like the control to send messages or emails by entering some emergency number and pressing the sleep and end-call keys at the same time. The exploit also grants access to the contacts lists, recent call history and voice-mails. All the mentioned errors are gone with the latest release.

Users are waiting when Apple officially launch iOS 4.2 for all users. At the moment, Golden Master version has been introduced for the developers which is typically the same version that eventually reaches the users.

Apple’s policy of launching the iOS version for developers first and then making it available for all the users afterwards seems very good. It helps the company to see any exploits before they the release it for the public.

iOS 4.2 GM

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