PwnageTool Apple iPhone Jailbreak Coming To Windows OS


by casey on November 1, 2010

MuscleNerd tweeted mentioning 1H8snow and saying that the iPhone Jailbreak developer Chpwn is about to release a better version of PwnageTool Jailbreak for Windows. Currently PwnageTool Jailbreak is only available for Mac OS only.

PwnageTool facilitates users to update the iPhone device to a firmware that is jailbroken ensuring the preserving of baseband for unlocking the iPhone device.

An argument between MuscleNerd and iH8Sn0w on Twitter helps us to get this news regarding the arrival of PwnageTool for Windows.

iH8Sn0w has also a huge following because of his work specially the famous Sn0wBreeze tool for jailbreaking the apple devices.

Chpwn replied to MuscleNerd on Twitter that i am ‘about’ to do something, note that i havent touch a computer since Monday, its on the to do list, though

From the comment of Chpwn it is clear that PwnageTool for Windows is not going to be released very soon. But as least we have come to know that it is going to be there in near future.

musclenerd tweet PwnageTool for windows

chpwn tweet PwnageTool for windows

pwnerd PwnageTool jailbreak

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