Twitter Reached 175 Million Users Adding 30 Million Users In Two Months [Statistics]


by casey on October 31, 2010

New facts regarding Twitter growth has been revealed. In a profile on New York Times of Twitter co-founder Evan William, an increment in Twitter’s growth has been told. Back in September this year, Twitter has 145 million registered users on its network. The company has added 30 million users in just two months and now has reached to 175 million users.

The growth in Twitter’s network has been remarkable. 30 million users in just two months is a great achievement. Another thing to know that the company has registered 70 million users since April.

Lets check the history of how Twitter has emerged as a prevalent social network. Twitter has 503,000 users three years ago. In 2009, the company has reached 58 million users showing a 200 increase in its growth from 2009 to 2010.

Previously we have seen the company launching The New experience with side bars. Making the user interface more interactive and attractive. The new Twitter really helped the company to show this much progress.

Twitter has also announced the promoted accounts previously to convert the company from a non profit to an earning business.

We have also seen Twitter announcing company’s 300 employees and searching for a new office. That thing also shows how Twitter is moving forward.

Back in September, Evan Williams announced Twitter is adding 370,000 new users sign-up per day and that traffic to has shown 100% increase.

Are we going to see Twitter reaching 200 million users in next two months or not ???? We have to wait and see.

Twitter bears 90 million tweets daily. How much growth it can show to reach Facebook which has now 500 million users???

twitter co founder evan williams

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