Facebook To Hold ‘Mobile Event’, Possibly To Announce Facebook Phone Or SDK


by casey on October 30, 2010

Facebook has started sending out invites to a “Mobile Event“. The Mobile Event is scheduled on November 3 at company’s headquarters. At the moment it is not clear what new Facebook is going to bring that has some relationship with the mobile phones.

Let us see what Facebook is possibly going to announce on its Mobile Event:


1. A Facebook Smartphone:

Back in September, some big technology news provider including TechCrunch and Business Insider predicted that the social networking giant is making its own mobile phone that will have a deep Facebook Integration. Although the news of Facebook handset is already well circulated over the Internet but no one gave any solid clues for such a big rumor. We have to wait for the Mobile event announcements.


2. Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK) with an App Store for Developers:

There is a possibility of Facebook announcing a software development Kit for developers. Facebook can provide a development platform which would help Facebook to welcome more applications submitted to it by developers. If they are really making this possible, it will be great for developers who have their focus in submitting apps in Android and Apple App store.


3. Facebook Place Check in Deals:

This is quite interesting and controversial till now as there are a lot of rumors about Facebook already running check-in Deals service with a selected and unknown partners to test it. There has been no confirmations of denies regarding this from Facebook. So chances are there for its announcement.


4. Much awaited Facebook App for iPad along with other apps:

It is also expected that Facebook will unveil new mobile apps. As previously mobile apps by Facebook are not given much attention. Specifically much awaited official Facebook app for Facebook.

facebook mobile event

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