Humorous Banned White iPhone 4 Video That Apple Should Have Made


by casey on October 29, 2010

Much awaited, much delayed and the most controversial Apple’s white iPhone device is now the butt of many jokes. A must watch which has been released which makes fun of the reason that white iPhone 4 is delayed to its camera.

Yesterday, we have seen Apple removed the white iPhone 4 device from the company’s website. Analysts are predicting that chances are there that Apple might dismiss the white iPhone device completely.
Another prediction is that the company might make the white device available next year in 2011 or they might dismiss the device completely.

Even is Apple makes the white device available in 2011, no one can guarantee that it will be available in a quantity to fulfill customer’s need

The comedy team at JLE are the ones who have uploaded this “Banned White iPhone 4 Promo” on YouTube. The one liners in the video will make you understand that “if you’ve waited for the white iPhone, you’re an idiot” as you’ve “waited for 5-months for a phone that is a different color that you’re just going to put a cover on anyways.”

Watch the video and you will see that Apple’s justifications regarding white iPhone 4 device are that lame.

apple-White-iPhone 4 device

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