Empire State Building Joins Social Media With Twitter Account & Facebook Fan Page


by casey on October 27, 2010

Famous 102-story New York’s skyscraper, the Empire State Building is now on the social media with a Twitter account and Facebook Fan Page. The Empire State Building are using the name ESBObservatory both on Twitter and Facebook. The accounts are intended to share photos, information regarding the skyscraper, highlight pop culture tidbits and update fans on fun factoids about the famous office building.

The Empire State Building is a 381 meters (1,250 ft) tall building with 102 stories at the Fifth Avenue in New York city. The building remained world’s tallest for almost 40 years from 1931 to 1972 until the World Trade Center’s construction was done. It is now the tallest building in New York after the Twin Tower explosion.

The Empire State building is close to celebrate its 80th anniversary, so the Twitter and Facebook Page will be helpful to share information and news regarding its celebration.

Although its not the first famous entity to show its presence on social media, but this certainly shows how social media is coming becoming more and more important.

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ESBObservatory Facebook Fan Page

the empire state building

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