Mozilla Pays 12-Year Old Alex Miller $3000 For Finding Bugs In Firefox


by casey on October 24, 2010

Wonder how much an average 12 year old boy can earn? But this 12-year boy named Alex Miller has earned $3000 from Mozilla for finding bugs in Firefox. Previously, Mozilla offers $500 for finding any bug or major security flaws. After that they have changed the reward price to $3,000. As soon as Alex Miller saw that they have increased the reward to 3000 for finding one bug, he started digging to find and win.

Let us tell you that finding a bug is not an easy thing to do. Companies hire employees for finding security flaws. It tool Miller 10 days 90-minutes a day analysis before he found a bug and reported it to the parent company.

Brandon Sterne, Mozilla’ security program manager said :

Mozilla depends on contributors like these for our very, sort of, survival. Mozilla is a community mostly of volunteers. We really encourage people to get involved in the community. You don’t have to be a brilliant 12-year-old to do that.”

12 year old boy Miller reportedly said that he will donate $100 to a nonprofit organization called Unconditional Love Animal Rescue.

Alex says that his friends didn’t actually believe hum until he showed them a copy of the check from Mozilla.

He can surely tell his parents that he do not spend all his time playing computer games and he can do big things like this as well.

alexmiller firefox 3000 dollors

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