Microsoft Sold 240 Million Copies Of Windows 7 Operating System


by casey on October 21, 2010

Microsoft has announced today that it has sold over 240 million copies of Windows 7 operating system in its first year of availability. No doubt Windows 7 is the biggest hit in the operating system war. Windows 7 operating system has helped Microsoft to achieve a record business sales this year.

Microsoft recorded sales reached up to $62.5 billion in the last year and major credit goes to Windows 7 sales. The sales of $62.5 billion means a growth of over 7 percent in Microsoft’s business.

Apple’s OS X and Linux based distributions made Microsoft loose some of its market share but according to an estimate Microsoft has over 91% share in operating system market. Although Apple is everywhere in the news with its iPhone and iPad but it only owns 5% of the operating system market.

The enterprise is also fully covered by the Microsoft and 89% of the businesses are using Windows operating system according to an estimate.

Microsoft is expected to sell a lot of more copies of its Windows 7 as many people are still shifting from the old Windows XP and less popular Windows Vista.

According to Reuters: “Microsoft is expected to report higher fiscal first-quarter earnings next week, but Windows sales — which closely track PC sales — may disappoint investors slightly“.

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