Jobs Criticized 7-Inch Display Tablets, New Version Of iPad Coming With 10 Inch Display


by casey on October 19, 2010

Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed that 7 inch display of the new version of iPad is just a rumor. He emphasized that 7 inch screen is too small and they will go with a minimum size of 10 inch for their new version of iPad. Jobs revealed this fact when he surprising appeared at today’s financial result conference call for Apple’s Q4 2010.

Previously there was a huge rumor on the Internet saying the new version of the Apple iPad coming with 7 inch display and two cameras.

Jobs commented on the tablet competitors coming in the market and made a little criticism on the 7 inch sized tablets.

Commenting on avalanche of tablets heading to market. Just a handful of credible entrants. Almost all use 7″ screen, compared to iPad at nearly 10″ screen. 7″ screen is only 45% as large as iPad’s screen. Hold an iPad in portrait view and draw a horizontal line halfway down. What’s left is a 7″ screen…too small. There are clear limits to how close elements can be on the screen before users can’t touch accurately. We believe 10-inch screen is minimum necessary“. said Steve Jobs

Jobs statement is surely pointing out some of the Android tablets in the market. The statement is also alarming for the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is going to be available on all major US carriers next month.

We also knew from the past how Jobs statements gave hard time to big products. One of the example is the Apple vs Adobe Flash. The issue became very big after when Jobs made a long note giving their opinion about Adobe’s Flash death and the arrival of HTML5.

Let us see how much this statement is going to effect the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab which has already got good reviews from technology analysts and bloggers.

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