Three New York Teachers Suspended For Flirting With Students On Facebook


by casey on October 18, 2010

That is something very common if we see teachers and students communicating in social networking sites these days. But what is not very common is the news of teachers being fired for flirting with the students on Facebook. Educational organizations have to see this aspect as well from now.

The New York Post has posted this hot story of the day. Three New York Teachers who are caused to stop for a while from their jobs for showing immature behavior with their students on Facebook.

Former borough of the New York City and teacher Chadwin Reynolds who was friended with few female students on Facebook wrote comments like “This is s3xy” under the photos of his female students.

The teacher who is 37 years old and a former teacher at Fordham High School of Arts allegedly asked one female student to go out with him. He got the phone number of the teen girl and sent her flowers, candy and a teddy bear.

Allegedly it is said that he has posted a status saying “íI m not a gynecologist, but Iíll take a look inside”.

Another employee at La Guardia High School is said to give extra marks to students who become friends of him on some social networking site.

According to the report, schools in states of Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Ohio have asked teachers not to become Friends with students on social networking sites. Although there are no such rules in New York yet.

Let see what further actions we are going to see in this regard provided if the New York Post has hundred percent accuracy in their report regarding this news.

Source: via NYpost

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  • Clayton Boggess

    Most good teachers set their own clearly defined boundaries between themselves and their students. As long as itís school-related interaction, it passes the boundary test. Anything that is not related to school should be off limits. Unfortunately itís getting tougher to maintain the integrity of the boundaries due to advancing technology. Iím not sure how the Department of Education is going to be able to regulate this however.

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