Facebook Releases ‘Administration Interface’ To Communicate With Likers


by casey on October 18, 2010

Previously we have seen Facebook allowing developers to contact any user who has liked any object anywhere on the web. Now Facebook has enhanced this functionality and are now testing a specific interface that will allow you to communicate and monitor the people who have Liked your Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook will facilitate a specific panel with the name of “Administration Interface” for this monitoring and communication.

For many people this functionality is providing just the same thing that they are doing it manually. That is they are already contacting their Likers directly. Administrator Interface in the Facebook Fan Page will help them do this task with much more accuracy and efficiently. It is similar to the example that there were other tools available for website development, but the arrival of content management systems like WordPress made it much more easier.

That is surely a great news for the Internet Marketers and for the people who are trying to make their Facebook Fan Pages more interactive by contacting users directly.

According to the NCCA Vault, the company who has witnessed this new facility by Facebook, the company’s Fan Page has an announcement on its top saying “Administer your page: This is the administration interface for your webpage at http://www.******.com/. You can see Insights and publish to the users that have liked your webpage. Only the administrators of the webpage can view this interface, other users are sent to the webpage.

We are expecting more details on this to come when more people are facilitated with this feature incrementally.


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  • Ecm

    I have an FB fan page. After i got interface message, the rights to edit information and profile photo are disable. We cannot change any basic info. How can we cancel this interface? Really don’t like!

    • Olga

      Did you guys figure out how to go away from this limited interface? I’m stuck with the same issue :(

  • freda

    re: This is the administration interface for your webpage, I can’t seem to find how to change the picture on this FB page. How do I do so? The interface page is automatically generated and the pic auto uploaded once we connect the website to facebook. How do I change the pic? disconnect and reconnect? The how do I control what pic is taken from my website?

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