To Revamp Its Search Engine To Compete With Google & Bing


by cM Boy on October 14, 2010

To compete with the search engine giant Google and rapidly getting popular search engine Bing, Yahoo has to takenecessary steps and decisions to maintain its position. That is one of the reason why Yahoo is rolling out improved features in Yahoo search.

The source of news reported that:

The new results offer ways to pull up the important details like images, articles, tweets, videos and such easily and show slideshows right above standard search results showing trending topics from sources and elsewhere. There will also be quick apps included, such as a Netflix Web app that allows subscribers to add DVDs to their queues directly from the search results page

Yahoo will also enhance Image search with new features that will let users to view slideshows from the Flickr and Yahoo’s other content sites, along with friends Facebook albums which has to to be public of-course. Previously we have seen Google enhancing their image search and bringing many small and news features in it.

HTML5 will be used for the site’s mobile version. No doubt that HTML5 is a hot topic and feature for the users these days specially for the iPhone and android users.

The new site will be available for use in US very soon while for global use it will be available in 2011.

On the other hand we have Google dominating the search engine war with over 60 percent market share. Google is also very active introducing new features like Google caffeine and Google Instant for enhancements. While we have seen Microsoft’s Bing overtaking Yahoo to become the second biggest search engine after Google. Let us see how Yahoo is going to make a strategy to handle this situation.

yahoo improved search slideshows




yahoo improved search flickr integration

Source: via Ubergizmo

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