Facebook Introduces Remote Sign Out & One-Time Password Features


by casey on October 13, 2010

Facebook has launched two very important features that are meant to enhance the security provided to its users. The security features are specially made for those people who signs in on public computers. The features include the remote sign out facility and temporary password generation.

One-time password or temporary password can be generated only if you have associated a cell phone number with your Facebook account. Typeopt” to 32665 and Facebook will send you a reply back containing a temporary password. The password will expire in 20 minutes.

Remote sign out option is also very useful when you log on to your account on some public computer and later remember that you have forgot to sign out. You can goto the Account setting and can watch all the active session from different devices you have logged in and forgot to sign out. Now from there you can manually sign out the active sessions.

The new security options will be rolled out incrementally and will be available to all the users within few weeks.

Facebook will start prompting messages to its users updating them about their security information on more regular basis.

Social network giant Facebook is already very popular but they are thinking and thinking more to bring more and morefeatures which are well appreciated by its users.

facebook new security features

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