Digg To Update ‘Top News Algorithm’ & Bringing Back V.3 Features Including ‘Bury’


by casey on October 12, 2010

New Digg CEO Matt Williams has revealed some interesting facts in a blog post. The team behind Digg has realized that the new Digg will surely kill the service. Digg’s CEO mentioned that the version 4 launch “didn’t go smoothly”. Matt Williams also stated that the Digg listens to its users “Loud and Clear”. Most likely Digg is slowly bringing all the features of the old version. The old features that are coming back again include bury option, user profiles, filter for navigation for images and videos, The Top News algorithm update etc.

Are you thinking that the whole Digg service will end if they continue with their new Digg style???? The CEO of the company said that there were 23 million unique visitors in August. This statement is surly for those people who have been talking on the failure of the Digg.

Recently, we’ve been reinstating a number of the features that many of you loved about Digg. In the past two weeks we’ve brought back the “Upcoming” section, started restoring user profiles from the previous version of Digg, and made small but important tweaks to the site including better pagination. In the next few weeks we’ll bring back the bury button, restore all user profiles (including comment and submission history), add filters and navigation for videos and images, provide a tool for users to report comment violations, and update the Top News algorithm and overall site design based upon your feedback. The result will hopefully be a much better web site experience.

But the new Digg has scared its users. There can be chances that some or many out of them will never return to it. But the Digg team is totally aware of it and they are now trying to convince their users. The CEO of the company said “sorry that we disappointed our Digg community in the process

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