Slates With Windows On Them By Christmas Said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer


by casey on October 6, 2010

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that there will be Microsoft slate products with Windows OS running on it by Christmas. Steve Ballmer said this while talking to a group of students, staff and journalists at he London School of Economics. The CEO didnt mention whether these slate products will be announced or be shipping by Christmas.

You’ll see new slates with Windows on them. You’ll see them this Christmas,”, “Certainly we have done work around the tablet as both a productivity device and a consumption device“, said CEO Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft seems very slow towards the tablets and smartphones business while it is the hottest trend in the technology world. Gartner has estimated 10 million tablet devices to be sold this year.

Apple iPad is the biggest competitor of everyone in the game of tablets as it has sold 3.3 millions iPads in the first quarter of the year. They are soon launching thenew version of iPad as well.

Samsung has done great with its Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and are also launching Samsung Galaxy Tab which has got very encouraging reviews by the technology analysts.

Research In Motion BlackBerry is also launching its tablet device ‘PlayBook‘.

HTC, Blackberry and Apple are doing great with their smartphones while Microsoft seems struggling in the mobile phone business. Microsoft Windows Phone OS also showed a decline state in the smartphone business share.

Previously we have seen Steve Ballmer showing Hewlett-Packard tablet device with Windows OS running on it.

On the other hand we have seen HP buying Palm for $1.2 billion. HP also said that they were willing to introduce new devices including tablets with Palm OS in it and will also be offering Windows tablet PCs.

Microsoft has already halted their work on a dual display tablet device named Windows Courier.

The company has also stopped working on a phone for teenagers in July after just working three months on it.

Not showing performance in phones and tablets was one of the reason Ballmer did not get his full bonus. Although the company scored the highest sales mark.

“The job right now is we’ve got to get back seriously into the game of phones,” Ballmer said.

“We’ve got to have a comeback against the competition and I think with our new Windows phones we really have a beautiful product,” said Ballmer.

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