Should we bring back the ‘Bury’ feature on Digg? Asks Kevin Rose


by cM Boy on October 6, 2010

Everyone knows that the new digg is not well appreciated by its users. Digg has to find a way to make its users happy as they were before. Otherwise it has to face complicated results. Digg’s Founder and Ex-CEO Kevin Rose through his Twitter account asked “Should we bring back the ‘Bury’ feature on Digg?”

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The Bury Button was a button which facilitates Digg users to Bury or kill a story before it become popular enough to appear on Digg’s front page. That is if you dislike a story due to any excessive political, religious etc view, you could report or abuse it by using the Bury feature.

The Bury option was available previously but it was removed there when they introduced the new Digg that is its version 4.

The link of the poll page is given below the status. The voting will end in nearly a week. Its very exciting to know whether people want this option back or not.

Till now it has got almost 700 votes that is almost 70 percent of the people who want the Bury feature back. Almost 100 people voted in NO that is 10 percent of the whole number. Above 200 people voted by clicking the option ‘Cats’ that is nearly 22 percent.

digg burry option poll

It seem that Digg is going to bring the Bury option back. Previously we have seen Digg bringing back the ‘Upcoming section’. Let us see whatstrategyDigg is going to implement in near future to make the Digg again as popular as it was before.

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