Apple Approved BitTorrent App IS Drive For iPhone & iPod Touch


by Owais on October 2, 2010

Previously we have seen Apple showing a bit of relaxation of accepting app for App Store. But this is very surprising as Apple has approved a BitTorrent App for iPhone and iPod Touch. The name of this BitTorrent app is ISDrive and it is designed to work with the ImageShack Torrent service.

BitTottent is not an unauthorized protocol for sharing and downloading files. It just a way people share unauthorized copies of movies, music and almost any kind of files. That was the justification Apple was previously declining such apps for its Apple Store.

We are not really sure why and how this is possible. Most probably Apple has fully relaxed the whole process of apps approval. This reason is most most probably very rite as previously we have seen Apple approving apps like Google Voice clients that was previously rejected. Apple has also displayed app approval guidelines which made the developers happy.

Another reason could be that it was a mistake by Apple approving IS Drive app. As IS Drive did not mention anything regarding BiTorrent in its description. The description only says that “Check and manage the downloads in your ImageShack Drive account”. So it can be a mistake by the Apple staff by approving such app.

ImageShack is charging this app for $4.99 which will attract a lot people. Lets see what is going to happen with it.

Download the BiTorrent IS Drive App for iPhone

BitTorrent IS Drive App Apple iPhone iPod Touch

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