Second Generation Apple TV Jailbreak Using Shatter Exploit Via Pwnage Tool


by casey on October 1, 2010

The new second generation Apple TV has been successfully Jailbroken. The new Apple TV has been Jailbroken using the Shatter Exploit and IPSW via Pwnage Tool. The Jailbreak came from the Dev-Team Blog. Member of Dev-Team blog MuscleNerd also confirmed the news through his Twitter account.

That is a great news for the people who wants to run customized apps in the new Apple TV. Now you can successfully install and run any applications on your Apple TV device.

Dev-Team is also successful in decrypting the Apple TV’s Encryption Keys which is surely a great work by the team.

Watch the Video of Jailbroken Apple TV:

New second generation Apple TV Jailbreak

Update:SHAtter iOS 4.3 Jailbreak On iPad 2, iPhone & iTouch By Chronic Dev Team

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