Microsoft To Partner WordPress By Moving Windows Live Blogging Platform To


by casey on September 27, 2010

Microsoft and WordPress has announced their partnership which will make Microsoft’s default blogging platform for Windows Live.The partnership will allow and Windows Live Spaces deep assimilation. Windows Live content will be posted to WordPress and new content on WordPress will be posted on user’s Live profile.

The announcement was made at TechCrunch Disrupt and nobody was expecting it actually. Its also a big surprise for some very active users of Windows Live Spaces.

Live Space users will have 6 months to shift their blogs to and both companies will make it possible by offering a number of tools. Windows Live users can Upgrade their blogs to starting from today. If they do not export their data to within 6 months, they will most likely be loosing their data.

microsoft Windows Live integration

Previously we have seen Microsoft announcing its partnership with LinkedIn. Microsoft’s Director of product management for Windows Live Dharmesh Mehta told previously that Microsoft is intended to integrate the products instead of reinventing them. On the other hand, migration of over 30 million Windows Live blog users will give a great strength to . Previously have have also seen making smart moves like the launch of its Subscriptions options for blogs to compete with RSS Feeds.

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