New Apple TV’s Name Leaked As ‘iProd 2′


by casey on September 16, 2010

An iPhone developer who was going through the USB device configuration list in the latest iOS 4.2 beta has revealed an interesting fact. Configuration descriptors show a name as ‘iProd 2‘. If we look at the top of this configuration, it shows that this instance of the iProd is actually showing the name of ‘AppleTV2‘.

Previously have seen iProd descriptor used to represent the original iPad, not a new unannounced iPad.

Apple showed the new Apple TV during Apple’s Launch Event. The demonstration showed that the new Apple TV was not running the iPhone central Springboard application. So the analyst predicted that the new Apple TV will be Jailbreakable. Another reason is very simple that its an iOS device :)

Another important point is what if a hacker Jailbreaks the new Apple TV? Apple has announced that the onboard memory of the device will be the least possible and it will only support online streaming. So we can predict from it that if a hacker tries to hack this iOS device, he won’t be able to install or run own created applications.

Somehow if some hacker succeeds in Jailbreaking and installing custom apps on the new Apple TV, how these apps are going to interact with the Apple Remote?

Let us see how hackers are going to respond to this as the company will start shipping the new Apple TV late in September for $99.


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