WordPress.com Launches “Subscriptions” For Blogs To Compete With RSS Feeds


by casey on September 10, 2010

WordPress.com claimed that RSS feeds is complicated by saying “tricky to manage for a non-technical person“. With this they launched their own system named originally “Subscriptions” to subscribe other blogs and websites.

The system seems very simple as it only requires one click on any blog you want to subscribe for. This click will result in creation of ‘subscription tab’ in your account.According to WordPress.com says “an easy way to track and read posts across multiple blogs, all in once place.”

“Let’s say you’re reading a blog on WordPress.com that you really enjoy — so much so you want to be notified when new posts are published so you remember to read them. You can subscribe to this blog really easily by using the “Subscribe” menu in the admin bar. By going up to your admin bar, and clicking “Subscribe to blog”, you’ll be instantly subscribed and all current and future posts will be added to the subscriptions tab on your WordPress.com home screen”.

wordpress.com subscriptions to compete RSS feeds

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