Apple Manufacturing Partner Foxconn Making 137,000 iPhone 4′s Each Day


by casey on September 10, 2010

Foxconn manufacture 90 iPhone 4′s each minute that is 137,000 iPhone each day. The manufacturing takes place at Longhua Plant by Foxconn. If we go further deep in calculations, this means that Foxconn is making each device at a speed of 1.5 per second or up to 50 million per year.

Terry is a strong leader with a passion for excellence,”. “He’s a trusted partner and we are fortunate to work with him.” says Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer.

The report says on Apple iPhone 4: “When Apple’s iPhone4 was nearing production, Foxconn and Apple discovered that the metal frame was so specialized that it could be made only by an expensive, low-volume machine usually reserved for prototypes. Apple’s designers wouldn’t budge on their specs, so Gou ordered more than 1,000 of the $20,000 machines from Tokyo-based Fanuc. Most companies have just one.”

The whole 8 page report named “The Man Who Makes Your iPhone” is about the Foxconn’s Terry Gou. The report has a detailed information about Foxconn and Terry Gou and its services for various tech companies which include DELL, SONY, HP, IBM, CISCO, MICROSOFT, NOKIA and APPLE.

Foxconn Terry Gou iPhone 4 report

Source: via BusinessWeek

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