Apple Spends Almost $75 Million Per Month For iTunes Working


by casey on September 9, 2010

A report by Asymco says that Apple spends nearly $75 million per month on iTunes. The average monthly cost for iTunes operation in 2009 is $30 million per month. It means Apple is spending more than a double of cost from the last year.

Yearly average cost of Apple’s iTunes operation is calculated as $900 million. It is expected that Apple will soon touch the 1 billion dollar mark. The expected 1 billion dollar figure is obvious as there is a continuous increase in iTunes content.

The growth is primarily due to the apps which is adding almost 50% to the sales. It is also expected that soon the sales of apps will be greater than the music sales.

From the Apple’s keynote on 1st September we know that almost 18 million apps are downloaded per day. That is almost 200 apps per second which is a huge figure.

apple itunes 2010

Apple iTunes has a user base of 160 million users, content of 12 million songs which are available for 23 countries. 120 million iOS users downloading apps from more than 80 countries.

According to the report by Asymco:

  • 450 million TV episodes downloaded implies $1 billion in sales.
  • 100 million movies downloaded probably adds at least another $1 billion
  • 35 million books adds another 500 million.
  • Compare with 11.7 billion songs at ASP of $1 for about $12 billion in song sales and 6.5 billion apps at ASP of $0.29 or about $1.9 billion.

Source: via Asymco

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